AM/INT'L CH Erinwood Clossongrey Hat Trick     (Maizee) winning a Group 3


St Patrick's Festival 2012

Lovely Adina on a Summer's Day

Irish Wolfhounds and Fiddlers

Main Coon Samson
Benny, a very happy Jack Russell Terrier!
In the Woods

Welcome to Baronsfieldhounds!

          "Great size we all see, but look if you will,
    in his eyes to his heart, which is far greater still."

Since 1994 sighthounds have been a much loved part of life in my home and music studio. I had fostered and rehomed all kinds of dogs for decades, and then there was this one special wolfhound mix.

The local shelter had responded to a phone call. “We have a dog tied to a tree, come get him or he'll be shot."
He was chasing livestock and was believed to have been used for dog fighting. Hungry and fearful but gentle and willing to please, this sweet boy remained in the shelter for weeks. It's not easy to adopt out a big black dog with recent bite wounds and an uncertain history. But the shelter techs loved this much maligned gentle giant,and they kept trying. One day when I was there assisting with another rescue, three of them pretty well begged me to take him out to find him a family. His time there had long run out and there was only one other option back then.

When I went into his kennel, he
sat there looking right into my eyes, then leaned on me and sank down onto my feet. I sat with him, while he managed to fit as much of his 95 lbs as he could into my lap. I remember wondering how on earth it was - big black dog or not - that he had stayed in there so long. Of course I took him, and when he jumped into my vehicle and lay down, his tail thumping, that gaze was still locked on me and I knew he would be one of those "foster failures" who stay, as I was introduced to that amazingly gentle part of him that was the Irish Wolfhound.

I named him Baron, and later on a breeder friend of mine would call him the wonder dog, for he survived all he went through yet remained as gentle as a lamb towards everyone. He had the trusting and stable temperament of the breed, raising puppies and caring for rescues of all kinds with me. Baron gave me a precious 10 years of companionship. I would later call my little corner of the world BaronsfieldHounds in his memory.

Over the years, both Irish Wolfhounds and later Borzoi became an integral part of the music studio. The IW's sang along to Mozart and Celtic music, while the stunning Borzoi simply expected to stretch out in the studio over anyone's feet.  

The beautiful Irish Am/Int'l CH Erinwood Clossongrey Hat Trick, aka "Maizee" is in the top Group win photo.  At 4 years old she had many Best of Breed ribbons and group placements. Her litter sister Image, won the breed at Westminster in 2007 ranking #1 for the year; her 1/2 sister Ruby won the Nationals that same year. Showing this quality girl was a pleasure and she was a joy to live with. A true diva with a sense of humor, the Amazing Maizee wrapped it all up with a very commanding presence for almost nine years.  They never live long enough! Other pictures include wolfhounds and students and 2 of the several Borzoi who joined us here at Baronsfield. And among a few other rescues in transition needing a bit of rehab, there has been one delightful Jack Russell terrier. (Another foster who stayed!)
 ................Want a puppy? ................

 If you are new to the Irish Wolfhound or Borzoi, I recommend FIRST going to the National Club websites where you will find an abundance of excellent information.  Please do your own due diligence. Responsible breeding of any litter requires great commitment, and so much more is involved in raising a healthy giant breed. Your breeder should be a great resource, and who will offer support and commitment for the lifetime of that puppy. You can find all about this in the breed club links below.

And please! If you are thinking of just putting 2 wolfhounds together – without doing specific genetic health screenings, please don’t! There are health and soundness issues that need to be understood, which includes knowing what is behind those dogs before you should even consider a litter. Being an honest, concientious breeder takes time and experience in the dogs first. Long time guardians of any breed are
knowledgeable of health issues, and standards like structure, movement and temperament. Are you? If you aren't you are risking weakening the soundness of a breed which so many people have worked for generations to keep healthy and true. There are a good number around the world who have done their due can find them! (See links below.) 

And the Adorable Internet Puppy...

The internet itself is fine to search with...but it is not best to buy a puppy from someone whom no one else in the breed seems to know - just because you don't want to wait, or because they are asking $200-$500 less than an established, knowledgeable breeder. Even a first time breeder is great, but what has been their own background up to that point? Ask! The ones who will have invested much more time (years) and money into their litter preparations, which includes showing and involvement in one or another established club, will be far more likely and determined to provide you with a sound, healthy pet. And also to provide you with a lifetime of friendship and commitment to the hound's well being.

Another red flag is someone who says they have litters  because “we just love them!” - but there is little else they know about wolfhound DNA! From some of those same internet breeders have come puppies that are allowed to leave the home at 6, 7 or 8 weeks of age (way too young) or are sick with a congenital issue they know nothing about. Ask questions!
(See links below.)

Please truly love your prospective puppy enough to expect the necessary labor to have been done long before the litter was planned and beyond, before you write out a check to that breeder. You would want your puppy to be all of the blessing it possibly can be.

A responsible breeder does too, and they stand behind their labor of love.

Please feel free to email for more information ~
Diane Lovejoy


Irish Wolfhound Club of America

Borzoi Club of America


From the Saga of Burnt Njal (970-1014)
"I will give thee a dog which I got in Ireland. He is huge of limb and for a follower equal to an able man. Moreover he hath man's wit and will bark at thine enemies but never at thy friends. And he will see by each man's face whether he be ill or well disposed towards thee. And he will lay down his life for thee."